Craniosacral biodynamics


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Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

Taking care of your body and soul

Support in case of stress, anxiety, loss of meaning of life, panic attacks and trauma. Balancing the nervous system that is either extremely active (sympathetic reaction) or ‘down’, in a sort of stagnation stagnuje (loss of meaning and incapability to be active).
Your health is always present. In state of deep relaxation the inner self-healing processes of body can be released. A balance of physiological, metabolic processes can be restored as well as the feeling of oneness and wholeness.

Healing the wounds after trauma, support when facing the chronic and painful states of mind and body.

Therapeutic method of gentle touch and the listening approach of the therapist.


Reflexologic massage of feet

Discover the world of reflexology. Effective help when you experience the backpain.

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